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February / March Update

Dear Reader,

Thanks a million times over for supporting Lighthouse.

 I am beginning to study shortly for my doctoral degree shortly at Catholic University in Washington, and Lighthouse has agreed to pay for this education, since there are no government grants, scholarships or loans available for this particular program.

Thus, we are doing a very important fund drive to help us to cover the exorbitant costs of this undertaking. 

1. We are renting the downstairs of our present home as a single apartment so that we can take in a stable amount of rent.

2. In order to make the upstairs space suitable for Lighthouse ministry purposes, the following items are needed: three small bedroom chairs, a rollaway bed, for a small guest room, a small television, and a television stand to match it and two small window fans for the summer (fans that fit into windows) two extension chords, and a ceramic space heater.

3.  Presently, our monthly expenses come to approximate twelve hundred dollars, that amount will be lessened with the rental of the downstairs space to regular tenants who do not participate in the residential ministry, but the monthly expenses will be approximately nine hundred dollar monthly.  We will try to keep the three upstairs rooms rented to residents who are in need of our ministry, but usually these guests do not pay much in rent.

4. The cost of the doctoral program costs six thousand a year, and in four years time, without receiving rentals or donations, we will have depleted our funds entirely.

5. We desperately need your help so that we can continue our ministry and so that I can further my education to expand the ministry. An anonymous donor has agreed to give five hundred dollars with the hope that his amount can be matched by additional gifts for the cost of my studies. Thanks for your assistance.

6. With the doctoral degree I will be enabled to teach, write, and to expand the ministry with more of a background and platform to find coworkers, to train them etc.

7.  We ask for your financial assistance and participation in our fund raisers.

8. Spaghetti dinner: April 19, 2008. Time: 4 to 7. pm. Price $8. Full spaghetti dinner with dessert and beverage included.

9. Items needed for bake sale at spaghetti dinner.

10 Easter kolacchi sale, call for details. 341-5858.


 Ministry activities presently include: residential ministry to those in need of spiritual and or emotional support: addicts, people healing from disabilities etc.hospitality, spiritual prayer groups, and counseling.

Thank you for your interest and loving support.


List of needs...postage stamps, household food items, cleaning supplies, paper products, office supplies, cash donations.


Lindy Morelli



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