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Lighthouse in Scranton Inc. was founded in 1994 by Lindy Morelli Ma. Ncca.  In her desire to respond to the needs of people suffering around her, she had a dream of a safe and loving place—a place that would invite people from all walks of life so that they could come for healing, hospitality, and for a warm welcome. 

“When Lighthouse started off, we had nothing but this dream. I depended on Divine Providence for everything in order to get started, and had no idea how  to make such a dream come true,” Lindy says. For the first few years, we worked mostly with the very poor in housing projects, street ministries, and prisons. We then developed a ministry of hospitality, faith sharing and pastoral counseling, mostly with recovering addicts and those suffering from eating disorders and trauma. “We tried to make Lighthouse a safe and welcoming place, and people with all kinds of needs came to us,” Lindy says. “Some were searching for the faith they had lost. Some were searching for friendship,  acceptance and unconditional love. We tried to help them all in simplicity and joy,”

Lindy continues.  Through the generosity of many individuals, churches, and groups, we are able to serve others in need. In the future we hope to develop a restorative justice ministry and to develop other more specified areas of outreach to the distressed. Thank you for your interest and support.

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